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Available for solo concerts, silent film performances, and special presentations.
Download Nathan Shirley’s press pack (bio & publicity photos).


Nathan Shirley performs his own original compositions in concert, in the composer-pianist tradition. A high quality grand piano is required for most performances.

For information on booking a performance, contact a representative at MarsyasMusic.

photo by Stephen Houseworth


  • Unraveling the Mysteries of Music Composition | How to compose and teach composition.
  • A Virtual History of the Piano & a Glimpse at its Future | An electronic, “physically modeled” demonstration of pianos through time.
  • Piano Revealed | A look into this unique piano method for young and old, fostering creativity, and inspiring with engaging music of depth.
  • The Science of Sound | A program for schools/classrooms explaining what sound is, where it comes from, and how it works; including a demonstration of a wide variety of musical instruments and fascinating objects that make noise.

For information on booking a presentation, contact a representative at MarsyasMusic.

demonstrating the basic elements of brass instruments for 2nd graders

Silent Film

Nathan Shirley performs for a wide variety of silent films: Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, horror, comedy, drama, foreign, and more. He offers a wide variety of films to choose from and can also play for other specific films on request. He also offers educational programs for students of all ages, discussing the history of silent film, how “moving pictures” work, and demonstrating how music brings it all to life.

For information on booking a silent film performance, contact a representative at MarsyasMusic.

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