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Sheet Music

Download sheet music of Nathan Shirley by clicking here, no charge.

Looking for something else? Let me know. While I certainly can’t promise to compose that hurdy-gurdy concerto in the foreseeable future, I’m always interested to know what people are looking for. Consider asking what it would take to commission an original piece. My fees can be quite affordable for a very simple and brief composition. If you go in with a friend, all the better.

All music found at this link may be downloaded and printed at no cost. However there are two limits of use: 1) you may not use the music for monetary gain (sales, recording, etc) and 2) you may not alter the music from its current state without permission. If you do wish to record it, arrange/transcribe it, license it, or in any way alter or profit from its use, simply contact to negotiate for such. In many cases it is only wished to learn of the project before granting approval. So please, don’t hesitate getting in touch.

Additional music is published by Orpheus Music, TimeWarp, and ScoreVivo. It is not licensed under creative commons and so is restricted by traditional copy protection.