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A Guide to Music Composition for Teachers & Students

(part 1 of 20)


The three primary creative art forms are visual arts, literary arts, and music. Like the three primary colors they can be mixed, producing ballet, song, theater, film, and so on. Creativity is fundamental to all art, but technique is required to actualize a creative idea. The stronger the technique, the more likely an idea will reach its full potential.

The piano method series Piano Revealed introduces composition and improvisation from the start. This guide is a supplement, intended for students and teachers to dive deeper into music composition, to develop solid technique necessary for writing good music.

Basic piano skills are very important, but you don’t need to be a virtuoso. Even young children just learning piano can be introduced to music composition. Piano skills should be developed alongside composition.

At its core, composition is a type of improvisation–a very thoughtful, very purposeful type of improvisation. So in order to learn to compose, one must first learn to improvise–just as a child learns to speak before learning to write, or learns to hold a pencil and scribble before learning to draw images from their mind’s eye.