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Poyet cat piano

Last night I dreamed I was in some desert of New Mexico with red sand and rocks and massive cliff walls looming all around me. In this valley I was walking through, there were a few shallow pools of water with strange flamingo-like birds wallowing in the mud. I had been warned of dangerous animals, and on my way I encountered several half-bear-half-badger like creatures which moved at frightening speeds, one of which I fought off using bolas which I swung around my head.

At the end of the valley I came to a massive cave-like opening in the cliff face. As I walked inside I found myself in the huge cavernous foyer of some sort of abandoned(?) man-made fortress. There were tunnels running everywhere and many stories of balconies with ironwork railings that stretched up 200 feet. There was a strange mechanical elevator made of iron which seemed inoperable at one end of the great room. I climbed on top of it and was able to shimmy my way up into the next level. From there I explored numerous rooms and halls all carved from solid rock. The entire fortress echoed with the distant sounds of the bear-like creatures.

Strangely, in each of the smaller rooms I entered I found at least one keyboard instrument. Some were standard pianos, uprights, grands, with all sorts of unusual cases of wildly different styles. Others were organs, harpsichords, clavichords, or even bizarre non-existent instruments. For example, in the final room of my dream I found an instrument with three keyboards, but instead of strings, the instrument struck slender metal rods of various lengths. Occasionally in one of these rooms I would notice a person working quietly in a corner somewhere. They never seemed to notice me and I never felt the need to approach them.

I tested most of the instruments as I went, and I was just starting to test the instrument with metal rods when I woke up with a sharp pain in my broken hand. Apparently I had been moving my fingers in my sleep as I played the various instruments.